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When someone experiences an injury due to someone else's negligent actions, many simply choose to go without legal representation. They decide to settle matters with the insurance company on their own, which often leads to disastrous and irreversible results. Insurance companies and their adjustors are notorious for low-balling personal injury victims out of fair compensation.

Please remember that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. During this crucial time in your life, seek the help of our skilled team at Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys at Law. We will fiercely protect your rights as an injured victim, inside and outside of court.

Maximize Your Compensation with Our Help

For more than 25 years, our firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of our clients. Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys are dedicated to the pursuit of justice and fair compensation. We are not afraid of taking a stand against insurance companies when seeking the highest amount of recovery possible for the seriously injured.

With our help, you may be able to obtain maximum compensation for the following:

  • Medical care (present and future costs)
  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering

As our client, we will guide you through the claims-filing process, step by step, so you are never confused or in the dark regarding the progress of your case. You can have peace of mind in knowing that we accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don't charge legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation.

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