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LP or propane gas explosions involving campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers and other recreational vehicles are not just "accidents." Through our experience in handling these cases, we know they are often caused because of defects in manufacturing and the negligent selection of components and appliances. We also know that manufacturers are aware of safer alternatives, but resist available technology.

The great majority of recreational vehicles in the United States are sold with stoves and cooktops which are not equipped with flame failure devices (FFDs). In order to prevent a dangerous buildup of propane, these safety devices are designed to shut off the flow of dangerous LP gas in the event the stove fails to light, the flame is extinguished or the stove is inadvertently left on.

This technology has existed for decades and has been mandatory in Australia and most European countries for many years. This type of device is included in other standard RV appliances sold in the United States including ovens and hot water heaters. The failure to include these life safety devices on stoves and cooktops is inexcusable. The cost of a FFD is approximately $4.00!

Faulty Propane Detectors

Some people are unable to detect the odorant ethyl mercaptan in propane gas. In the event of an overnight leak, even people with a "normal" sense of smell are unable to detect the presence of ethyl mercaptan due to "odor fade" which makes it impossible to detect. Unlike the average consumer who does not appreciate the danger, the industry is well aware of this hazard.

Some RV manufacturers even install propane detectors and promote them as safety devices intended to alarm in the event dangerous LP gas escapes. These devices create a false sense of safety. The fact is, these propane detectors often fail to detect the presence of explosive levels of propane, and many explosions occur even though a functioning detector was installed in the RV. This, too, is well known within the industry.

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