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Were you seriously injured or burned in a natural gas explosion? Did the concussive force cause extensive damage to your home or property? Gas explosions are rarely the fault of the person who has been hurt. Instead, gas companies may be found liable for neglecting to maintain gas mains, perform routine inspections, or properly disconnect properties from gas services.

If you need to file an injury lawsuit after being hurt in a gas explosion, talk to Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys at Law. Our gas explosion injury lawyers are based in Birmingham, Alabama but we proudly serve clients all around the country. Contact us today and we can begin discussing your case for no money upfront due to our complimentary case evaluations.

Severe Injuries Caused by Gas Explosions

Propane gas, the most common kind of natural gas used in homes, trailers, and RVs, is often supplied an odorant known as ethyl mercaptan so it is detectable. This odorant is faint and fades away quickly. The result is that many people who are hurt by a gas explosion still never have any warning. While doing something completely routine, such as switching on their stovetop in the morning, the unexpected happens and they can do nothing to protect themselves.

The injuries caused by a gas explosion are often severe, including:

It is not uncommon for a gas explosion to be so strong that it causes the death of a victim. When a wrongful death has occurred, surviving family members may be able to pursue compensation for their loss of companionship in their own lawsuit.

Fighting for Full Compensation, Not a Penny Less

Recovering from a gas explosion is a costly experience. Medical procedures, such as skin grafting, can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. The property that was damaged may not be entirely covered by insurance policies, requiring the victim to find payment in their own finances. The undue hardship and the fear of another unpredictable gas explosion occurring can cause emotional distress that imposes unique limitations.

After you are hurt in a natural gas explosion, whether you were in your home or on-the-job, you can trust our Birmingham gas explosions lawyers to take care of your case from start to finish. With more than 30 years of legal experience, much of it focused on explosion injury cases, our team has become proficient in identifying factors that indicate who is liable for your injuries, whether that be the gas company, a crewman who serviced your oven, the appliance manufacturer, or others.

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