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What Is Skin Grafting?

Normally, our bodies are able to heal injuries and replace damaged skin tissue from minor first-degree burns, however, some burns can hinder the skin’s ability to naturally repair itself. When this happens the damaged skin can be replaced in a process known as skin grafting where healthy skin is surgically transplanted to the site of an injury. Healthy tissue can be taken from your own body, called an autograft, or from another person, called an allograft. An autograft is generally considered to be the safest option and carries the lowest risk for bodily rejection.

Which Type Of Burn Injury Requires Skin Grafting?

Second or third-degree burns are typically the injuries that require skin grafts as these types of burns extend beyond the first layer of skin.Two basic forms of skin graft procedures exist:

  • Split-level thickness graft: This type of procedure involves only the top two layers of skin, the epidermis, and dermis. Once transplanted, the skin does not grow with the rest of the body and multiple grafts may be needed over time.
  • Full-thickness grafts: In addition to the top layers of skin, these grafts will also transplant-associated blood vessels and muscles. Full-thickness grafts often continue to grow naturally after surgery, but often have longer recovery times.

While skin grafts can greatly improve a burn victim’s quality of life, surgery can become prohibitively expensive. Depending on the severity of the burn, victims may require multiple operations as well as years of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Wounds can leave scarring, reminding victims of the traumatic experience and transplanted skin can lead to complications from infections or bodily rejection. The surgery itself can also be particularly risky, potentially resulting in excessive bleeding, infection, the loss of grafted skin, or nerve damage.

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