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Committed to Pursuing Justice for Clients

Guided by the principles of justice and fundamental fairness, Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys at Law is committed to achieving favorable results for our clients through excellence in advocacy. Recognized as being relentless in our pursuit of justice and known for excellence in achieving great success on behalf of plaintiffs in civil litigation, our practice is limited to matters involving serious injury and wrongful death. We realize that the outcome of a case will determine a client’s future quality of life. At the heart of our success are strong personal relationships with each of our clients, relationships that endure even after the trial is over.

The fundamentals of our reputation include:

  • Strong strategy, preparation, and representation
  • Tenacious pursuit of favorable and successful outcomes
  • Strong personal relationships with each client

We advance all costs of litigation, and you pay nothing unless we obtain compensation through a verdict or settlement. We maintain flexible office hours and can visit you at home or in the hospital if the situation requires.

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About Our Injury Attorneys

At Glenda Cochran Associates Attorneys at Law, we are staffed by individuals who share a deep commitment to justice. We genuinely care about the welfare of our clients. We become allies and friends, going above and beyond the call of duty to assist you throughout your case.

The Use of Expert Witnesses

In addition to the lawyers employed by our firm, complex litigation requires a skilled team of other individuals with specialized expertise, including nationally renowned and respected professionals in the fields of medicine, engineering, and accident reconstruction. We are also assisted by investigators and technology experts with whom we have developed valuable working relationships over many years. Their testimony can be crucial in explicating the seriousness of an injury to a jury in layperson’s terms and walking jurors through a prognosis.

Accident reconstructionists can be invaluable in demonstrating to a jury exactly how a vehicle accident took place. They often utilize tools such as models and illustrations in their testimony, making it much easier for jurors to comprehend exactly what occurred at the scene of an accident and who should be held liable.

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